• To the good life.
    Holland Jersey.

    Different sort of cow. Different sort of milk.
    Happy cows. Delicious milk.
    Happy cows make for better milk. Not all milk is the same.

    • 100% natural Jersey milk
    • Naturally rich in proteins
    • Dutch milk from grass fed cows
    • A2 milk
    • Makes the perfect foam for cappuccinos

Dairy done differently

We do dairy differently. So it figures that our milk comes from a different sort of cow. Cows with toffee coloured faces, soft white noses and huge brown eyes. Our cows come from the Channel Island of Jersey, off the south coast of the South of England and since the milk from Jersey Cows is completely different to any milk you’ve ever tasted, we think you should give it a try. Jersey milk naturally contains 20% more protein and has a wonderful rich, creamy flavour. All our products are made from this milk and we work closely with our farmers to make sure we get everything just right. Because there’s nothing more satisfying than a job well done.

We are Holland Jersey.

What we make

  • Full Fat Jersey Milk

    This delicious full fat milk is good source of protein and makes for a formidable cappuccino foam.

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  • Semi Skimmed Jersey Milk

    Unmistakably creamy in taste and rich in proteins, our Semi Skimmed Jersey milk only contains 1.5% fat. So if you’re after all the taste but a few less calories, this is the milk for you.

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  • Mild Jersey Yoghurt

    A creamy, mild Jersey yoghurt that is the perfect partner for fruit, muesli and granola.

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Jersey milk
foams beautifully for
the perfect cappuccino

  • 100% natural Jersey milk

  • Naturally rich in protein

  • Dutch grass fed cow’s milk

  • A2 milk