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About us

Holland. The land of tulips, grass, clogs, cows and milk. Our knowledge about cows and milk is world famous and that means dairy is big business.

Within this big business, two entrepreneurs, Peter and Harald, were looking to do something different. While they knew that the Dutch dairy market was very efficient, they also felt it was slightly one sided. Same cows, same prices, same blue cartons of milk everywhere you looked.

They chatted about it a bit and then chatted some more and then got very excited about how they could do things differently. Ideas like teaming up with a small group group of local farmers to milk in their own way, using a different breed of cow. After all, a different cow would mean different milk.

So back in 2015, Holland Jersey was founded.

We get our milk from Jersey cows because their milk is so creamy, so tasty and so completely different.

Our farmers are an integral part of our company, the carton is not blue, and while our milk is a bit more expensive, it means our farmers can look after their families (and their cows) properly.

We make our own milk and our own yoghurt. We don’t use any additives and unlike other companies, we don’t split up the individual parts of the business to make the biggest possible profit.

We truly believe you can taste the difference in our milk.

It’s what us farmer boys have grown up with.

We hope you enjoy it.

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