Different cow, different milk

Jersey cows make the best, and according to many people, the tastiest milk available. We at Holland Jersey dairy make whole milk and yogurt from that top-notch milk. We do not process these products unnecessarily or skim our whole milk. This means that all the quality and flavour is preserved and that you can drink the fullest milk in the Netherlands: straight from the carton, with your breakfast or in your coffee.

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Corporate LiveWire Prestige Awards 2020
Food & Drink Awards 2019, LUX Life
Food Award 2018, FoodPersonality
Nominatie Horecava Innovatie Award 2018
Food top 100 FavorFlav 2017
Food100 2017, food100.nl

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100% Pure Jersey milk

Naturally contains 20% more protein

A2 milk

Dutch grass-fed cows