Different cow, different milk, different professional. Do you want to stand out from other restaurants and cafes near you? Jersey milk is the real icing on the cake, the cream of the crop, as it were… The perfect milk to make amazing coffee or to use as a delicious ingredient to create stunning dishes. But our other dairy products are also perfect for use in a professional environment. When you choose Jersey products for your company, you’re choosing premium quality dairy products that will exceed your expectations.


“Jersey milk froths brilliantly and is fantastic for cappuccinos. Jersey milk is so rich in flavor; it’s amazing to cook with and delicious in sauces and crémeux for our desserts.”

Annegreet, Restaurant de Mandemaaker, Bunschoten-Spakenburg

“Jersey milk has a simply delicious flavor and it’s great for frothing too! We’ve had so many positive responses from our guests since we started using this milk. They simply love it!”

Suzanne, The Sandwich Company, Utrecht

“We chose Jersey milk because we want to use quality products and, as it’s produced locally, Jersey milk also helps us reduce our ecological footprint.”

Martijn, De Levensgenieters, Harmelen

“For me the sustainable aspect offers real added value on top of the flavor. Using the Jersey cow breed offers dairy farmers an effective solution to reduce their emissions.”

Hugo, Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam

“A consistent, pure, full-flavored, animal-friendly, local product. Happy guests and a happy Koffiespot team!’

Ronald, Koffiespot, Amsterdam