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Jersey milk is milk from Jersey cows; a small brown cow with a white muzzle. These cows originate from the island of Jersey. They’re intelligent, a little stubborn, and incredibly curious. Jersey milk is popular because it naturally contains 20% more protein, but also more fat, vitamins, and minerals than regular milk, which is what gives the milk its distinctive, rich flavor. An amazing drink on its own and the perfect frothing milk for your cappuccino. Our Jersey milk and yoghurt contain A2 protein*. All our milk is just the way it comes from the cow. The only processing we do to our milk is pasteurization and homogenization. The first is for food safety reasons and the second prevents fat globules forming in the milk. This is how we keep our milk pure and natural.

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100% natural Jersey milk

Naturally contains 20% more protein

A2 milk

Dutch meadow milk