100% Pure Jersey milk

The Dutch are world-renowned for their knowledge of milk and cows. The Dutch milk market is very efficient but is also rather uniform: The same cows everywhere, the same blue packs in the shops, and a rather anonymous milk supply. Entrepreneurs Peter van Dronkelaar and Harald Hoffman wanted to introduce something new to the dairy world.

Who we are 

Holland Jersey was founded in 2015 with the aim of launching an entirely separate milk stream with the Jersey cow breed. This is a primeval breed that naturally produces milk with a much higher fat, protein, mineral, and vitamin content: The specialty beer of the dairy world.

Harald and Peter also saw the potential of A2 milk. Milk that contains A2 protein is often more suitable for people with a dairy intolerance*. We produce our own milk and our own yoghurt. We don’t add anything and don’t separate it molecularly to sell individual components for as much money as possible, which is what happens in the regular milk stream. And you can really taste the difference, particularly with our full fat milk: 6% full fat milk tastes simply fantastic! That’s what healthy farmers’ sons like Harald and Peter grew up with.

The Jersey cow 

Jersey milk is milk from Jersey cows; a small brown cow with a white muzzle. These cows originate from the island of Jersey. They’re intelligent, a little stubborn, and incredibly curious. Jersey milk is popular because it naturally contains 20% more protein, but also more fat, vitamins, and minerals than regular milk, which is what gives the milk its distinctive, rich flavor. An amazing drink on its own and the perfect frothing milk for your cappuccino. Our Jersey milk and yoghurt contain A2 protein*.

Our partners 

Holland Jersey believes that sound partnerships make us strong. That’s the only way you can keep innovating in a rapidly-changing world, which is why we work with Vandersterre Groep on our Jersey cheese, for instance. You can now find Holland Jersey in both retail & wholesale sectors in the Netherlands and we’re also exporting our dairy products to many other countries.