Lot61, known for its colorful coffee beans!

Names: Paul Moets

Owner: Lot61 Amsterdam

A lovely walk through the city is hardly complete without a coffee to go. For that, Lot61 in Amsterdam is the place to be. Paul Moets, born in Sydney, raised in Brooklyn and for the last few years Lot61 has been located in the center of Amsterdam. Paul and his team love working with Jersey milk. The reason? The creamy taste perfectly combined with their beans, the great foam and the low ecological footprint.

‘You don’t need an education for this. Just enough interest.’ Paul begins. ‘There is no standard story on how to become what you are interested in.’ This is also how Paul started his coffee adventure. It all started with a visit to friends who had been living in Europe for a long time. There Paul discovered that even in Amsterdam at that time a lot of English was spoken and a lot of coffee was drunk. This was the perfect opportunity for him to start his own coffee bar there.