Uncommon, own coffee roastery with an honest story!

Names: Claye and Josh

Owners: Uncommon Amsterdam

Uncommon, or extraordinary; unusual and remarkable. This is how Claye and Josh describe their passion and mission as coffee roasters. Born in Australia and England and both moved to the Netherlands for love. They got to know each other as colleagues in a coffee shop and took the step a few years ago to start their own coffee roasting company and coffee shop. In this coffee salon, Claye and Josh make their delicious coffees with Jersey milk. Why? The great taste combined with their own coffee beans and story behind the sustainability of the milk.

‘In 2018, we chose to start for ourselves.’ explains Claye. ‘We were convinced that several processes could be done in a more natural and sustainable way.’ With these thoughts, Claye and Josh started the coffee roasting company Common Greens Coffee together. ‘We think it’s important that the whole chain, from plant to customer, is treated in a fair way and that the impact we leave behind in the process is positive.’