Fresh full fat Jersey milk (750 ml)

This is the milk as our Jersey cows produce it. A full fat milk that’s a great source of protein. It’s an absolutely delicious drink on its own and is an amazing frothing milk for your coffee, cappuccino, macchiato, flat white, or latte. Or any other kind of sexy coffee you want to make. The Jersey milk is 100% A2A2.



Full-fat Jersey cow milk acidified with a yoghurt starter, with an average natural fat content of 6% – pasteurized.

Nutritional value PER 100 ML
Energie 385 kJ/91 kcal.
Fat 6 g
of which saturates 4,2 g
Carbohydrates 4,4 g
of which sugars* 4,4 g
Protein 4,2 g
Salt 0,10 g
Calcium 140 mg (17,5%**)

* naturally occurring in milk. ** = % of the daily reference intake. Store refrigerated (max. 7° C). Best before: see top of pack. Limited shelf life after opening.