A good start to the day

A good and healthy start to your day. That’s what we all aim to achieve. We prefer to wake up gently in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea and an extensive, fresh breakfast to get all the important nutrients we need. Unfortunately, we don’t always manage that. All too often, you grab a hurried breakfast before setting off on your bike to work or starting a serious workout at the gym. Did you know that Holland Jersey products help you create that perfect start to your day?

As well as our milk and cheese we also have delicious yoghurt and butter. These products are prepared in a traditional way using 100% Jersey milk. Holland Jersey yoghurt is mild and full-flavored. With a similar consistency to Greek yoghurt, this is a delicious, not too acidic yoghurt that tastes great with fresh or dried fruit and breakfast cereals, such as muesli or granola. Our yoghurt contains a source of protein; perfect for that serious workout that awaits you.

“The best start to your day the Holland Jersey way”

Do you grab a tasty sandwich in the morning or do you have more time? Why not try Holland Jersey butter? It’s a wonderfully soft, easily spreadable, and full-flavored butter. Delicious on a thick slice of bread as well as with a nice, generous slice of Jersey cheese. If you have more time and fancy an egg or a toasted sandwich, Holland Jersey butter is ideal for that too. Its higher melting point makes it perfect for frying.

With Holland Jersey products you can get your morning off to the perfect start! Curious about the flavor of our yoghurt or butter? Find out where you can buy us here.