Jersey chef Peter

 Name: Peter Martens
 Age: 33
 Motto: Delight everyone with my works of art.

Pear and chocolate caramel cake with Holland Jersey milk and butter

This delicious pear and chocolate caramel cake is made by Peter Martens, Pastry Chef at Vinteage; a stunning business in the very heart of Leiden. Vinteage offers a combination of sweet and savory delicacies inspired by the feeling and presentation of desserts. Certainly worth a visit! As well as the pear and chocolate caramel cake made with Holland Jersey milk and butter, there’s another delicious dish on the menu made with Holland Jersey butter. Peter’s absolute favorite right now is his special Blackberry-Basil cake with Jersey butter. Peter loves using Holland Jersey milk and/or butter as they’re so full of flavor and are deliciously creamy. The higher fat content is also perfect for his creations.

The start of Peter’s career

Peter started as a chef but realized that his heart really lay in patisserie. As a chef he regularly produced the most delicious desserts and wanted to do more with this. Peter loves presenting his desserts as a piece of art. He worked his way up and specialized, eventually rising to Pastry Chef and has now been working at Vinteage since 2019. Peter focuses on using modern techniques and ensuring that his stunning creations exude exclusivity.


As Pastry Chef no two days are the same. Peter starts the day stocking the store and display cabinets with delicious works of art. He then gets to work on the orders, as it’s also possible to order from Vinteage for use at home or for events and parties. From a small pastry with a delicious cream filling to large wedding cakes. Peter is a true all-rounder and creates stunning and delicious pieces of art. He even once flew to Italy especially to prepare a wedding cake. He then used local products in a local bakery to make a truly special wedding cake of over 42 kilos! To put things in perspective: A standard wedding cake weighs around 15 kilos.

And what about new recipes? How do you keep coming up with something new if there are already so many tasty treats?
Peter gets inspiration from social media and through brainstorming with colleagues. During holiday periods, he comes up with simply stunning creations every year, such as chocolate Christmas baubles or awesomely adorable Easter eggs. Sounds great! Of course, he has to invest a lot of time in creating these delicious treats. It took Peter some two days to perfect the Holland Jersey Pear and Chocolate Caramel cake!

Future dreams?

Peter would like to open his own Patisserie one day. For him, it’s really important that he delights everyone with his delicious works of art.

If you’d like to try the Jersey Pear and Chocolate Caramel cake, visit Vinteage Leiden, where you’ll be tempted by that and many more delicious treats!