In the Netherlands most milk comes from Holstein Friesian cows. You’ve seen them; the black and white spotted cows. Our milk comes from Jersey cows. It’s a different breed that also produces different milk. Jersey milk clearly tastes richer because it naturally contains 6% fat and has more protein, vitamins, calcium, and omega 3. It is a cow from a natural breed that originated from the island of Jersey, which is located to the south of England. For a long time it was prohibited to import other cows to Jersey. This means that the Jersey cows on the island were able to retain their specific look and character. They don’t look like the spotted cows that populate our Dutch pastures.

Features of a Jersey cow:

  • Various shades of brown
  • Strong, healthy cow
  • Strong and sturdy legs
  • Long eyelashes and a friendly appearance
  • Smaller than “regular” cows
  • Charming and elegant
  • Curious
  • White muzzle
  • Breed with its own identity
  • Low ecological footprint